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world1Lyon Prep actively pursues relationships with schoolsaround the world, helping top students from diverse backgrounds reach their dreams of getting an education at top tier American Universities.   So far, Lyon Prep has built relationships with top international schools and other institutions on four different continents in eleven different countries. For some, this has simply meant being put on their resource lists. With others, we have formed stronger bonds. We have done everything from setting up stable tutoring plans to teaching classes remotely, to even occasionally offering our services on location.  Working with these schools, Lyon Prep has been able to offer students deep discounts on tutoring packages that they may otherwise be able to afford.   Below is a list of schools for which Lyon Prep has current relations with. So far, we have built relationships with

Benefits of Working with Lyon Prep

The biggest benefit, of course, is that online tutoring can offer your school better tutors who are experts at their subject matter.  Although some locations, and Palo Alto specifically, provide many options for high quality tutors, this is not the case of most of the United States, and is certainly not the case for many international locations.  Most international schools don't have enough demand to import professional test prep instructors to work full time, meaning they either use other subject teachers to teach test prep or they offer no test prep program at all. This means that students either don't prepare for the test or feel forced to find test prep services within the surrounding community. In many communities the students only choices are between the big companies — Princeton Review, Kaplan, Sylvan, Huntington –  companies that fail to show results because they hire inexperienced tutors who are paid $13 – $25 per hour.  Students might also hire local independent tutors who are sometimes competent and sometimes not.   Currently, all international online tutoring at Lyon Prep is being handled by me, the owner of the academy, a near-perfect scorer who has many years’ experience teaching test prep and other courses, who has developed his own curriculum and course-book, who has achieved consistent improvements of 300 points or more

Other benefits of online tutoring and guidance

Online tutoring is convenient:  Already, too much of a student's life is spent travelling from place to place, and the time spent physically inside a vehicle is only a small part of it.     When you include getting ready, travelling there, travelling back, and settling back in at home, a one hour tutoring session can easily become a 2 hour time commitment.  With online tutoring, it is easy for your students to spend a single hour productively and then get on with their lives

*Online tutoring promotes other online communication:  In our experience, online students are much more likely than face-to-face students to communicate with the instructor via e-mail.  Also, Lyon Prep can send them important  files instantly, exactly when they need them.   This comes in handy when, during a lesson, it becomes clear that a student needs extra practice in a particular area. 

*Online tutoring provides practice using online resources: When I tutor students in person, I am always telling them about benefits of certain features of or tucked away in the Perdue online writing lab.  However, when it comes to them using these resources, it is always hit or miss. On the online sessions, however, we know that they are using the resources that we suggest to them, because we can actually talk them through it, in real time, so they can use them to solve real problems and better learn the material for the test. 

*Online tutoring feels different from a class:  This fact – often feared to be online tutoring’s greatest weakness – can often emerge as online tutoring’s greatest strength.  This is because your students have been conditioned through 12 years of school to behave a certain way in classrooms — and a certain way towards teachers — and this conditioning often inhibits them from using the 1-on-1 sessions to their full potential.  Somehow, the added barrier of a computer screen — combined with the fact that the students are learning from their homes — provides students (in particular, those students who are naturally shy or reserved) with the extra courage to take control of the  tutoring sessions.  Online students are more likely to admit when they are having trouble with a concept,  more likely to speak up if a strategy isn't working for them, and more likely to risk being 'wrong' when interpreting a passage or when laying out their thoughts. 

Schools we work with

International schoolsworld2

 1. St Julian's School (Portugal

2.  American School of Brasilia (Brazil)

3. QSI International School of Montenegro

4. Lyford Cay International School ( Bahamas)

5.  QSI International School of Yerevan (Armenia)

6.  QSI International School of Belize

7. Vientiane International School (Laos)

8. International School of Yangon (Myanmar)

9. Carol Morgan School (Dominican Republic)

10. Bordeaux International School (France)


Services we offer:


Academic/Admissions Essay Development


College Admissions Guidance

Hanoi Homestay Program

Ways to work with Lyon Prep

Put us on your resource list:

You put us on your resource list, or distribute our customized flyers, and students contact Lyon Prep directly by e-mailing or filling out our online form.  After contacting us, students will get a free 2-hour session.  We will offer your students a 20% discount on all services if they mention learning about us from the resource list at your school. 

Have Lyon Prep offer our services through your school: 

With this option, your school sets the price, deals with the registration, and collects the money from the student.  Then you pay Lyon Prep.  Lyon Prep will charge your school 25% less than our advertised rate. 

Schedule a face-to-face class at your school:

Although we are not always available, Lyon Prep instructors love to travel when possible and have extensive international experience. Mark, founder and head instructor, is available for two weeks in October, a month in December – January, and two weeks in May. Pricing depends on your individual needs. You can click here to see photos, information, and results from a typical class. 

Send your students to us:

Our primary location is in Hanoi, Vietnam, where we have a 5 bedroom house set up to take students who want to study with us face to face.  When that fills up, we can offer accommodation at the Sheridan and Intercontinental hotel, which are each less than a five minute walk from our location. We can also offer homestay with our other instructors in Bangkok, Thailand, Chicago, United States, and Arizona, United States.

Contact us:

If you want to discuss which option would work best for your school, you can contact us by e-mail at or you can talk with us on Skype.  Our Skype ID is lyon.prep.

To help advertise our services, we can provide you with a Lyon Prep Flyer customized to your school.  Here is a sample.