University student and other adult services


A Typical class:

The above photo is from a 64-hour intensive summer course that took place from June 10th – July 5th 20013.  It is a class that I remember fondly,

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and one in which the students worked diligently and achieved the following scores:

 *Average starting score: 1835 (84th percentile)

*Average ending score: 2160 (98th percentile)

*Average improvement:  325 points. 

*Results on the official SAT:  The three of these students who took the October 5th SAT exam got a 2350, 2200, and a 1910, increasing their scores 280, 370, and 470 points respectively. 

At Lyon Prep, we pride ourselves on developing long lasting relationships with our students and their parents, and, even though my summer class had already achieved top-notch scores by the end of the course — scores that would be competitive at even the top colleges and universities – all but one of them signed up for further coursework and tutoring.  They signed up for critical reading classes, vocabulary classes, essay writing classes and extra 1-on-1 tutoring.  I am incredibly proud of each one of them — not only did they learn to be great test takes, but they taught me many things though their insightful conversation and through  the essays that they wrote.  Each one of them  be a great asset to whatever  college he or she chooses to attend, and I am honored to have

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had the opportunity to help them along their way towards what I am certain will be successful, fulfilling lives.