Academic Advising

Most parents realize that the single most important factor in a student’s application is his or her high school transcripts.  What they sometimes don’t realize, however, is that the most prestigious colleges don’t judge these transcripts exclusively based on class difficulty and overall weighted GPA. 

Students applying to top colleges must make sure that they are challenged in high school, but it is a mistake to take that challenge to such an extreme that they are sacrificing all of their interests in favor of the most ‘academic’ offerings. Lyon Prep can talk with the …Read More »

SAT Prep

SAT scores are very important to colleges for two reasons. First, they are good indicators of the likelihood of success in college, and (completely contradicting the conventional wisdom on the subject) the more students have begun prepping for the SAT's the better indicators the SAT's have become.

Why?  Possibly because students who take the initiative to study

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for the tests (or who come from families who are willing to invest in an SAT course) tend to be the students who take their education …Read More »

The Personal Essay: More than Just a Writing Sample 

Too often, when writing the personal essay, students view it only as a sample of their writing.  Of course the colleges will want to see how well an applicant can express himself, but a good personal essay will demonstrate far more than that.  No matter how casual or non-academic the topic might first appear—even if it’s about their favorite vacation

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or their favorite book – this is your child’s best opportunity to connect personally with …Read More »

Special Projects

Being successful in college is different from being successful in high school, and being successful in 'the real world' is very different from

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getting a good college GPA.  Of course colleges want students who will do well in their classes, but, beyond that, they want self-motivated students who can set their goals independently, and who are likely to accomplish great things in college and after they’ve finished with their education.

This is why it is important for applicants to have certain kinds of …Read More »

Demonstrating More than Well-Roundedness

Of course, colleges want to see that a candidate is competent in all major academic areas — and that the student has used his time productively outside of school — but they certainly don't want to see this at the expense of a child's individuality.

These days, applications committees are inundated by candidates who played an instrument and a sport, who did community service and was on the student council, who took every AP class they could get their hands on, from Calculus BC to AP Biology to AP literature. What is the difference between all these …Read More »

Personalized Research: Knowing Why Your Child Fits the School

In exactly the same way that you want to know why a school is right for you child, the admissions committees want to know why your child is right for their school.  In both cases, stats (GPA's and SAT scores) are important, but, for the best colleges, it is never stats alone that lead to the decision. We have seen students with perfect SAT scores (and perfect GPA's) be denied admission, and we have often seen students with GPA and SAT issues manage to succeed.

Every university …Read More »

Comprehensive Admissions Strategy 

In order for College Admissions counseling to work, the counselor must view it as an intensely personal endeavor. He must get to know your child from every angle — be able to fully understand your child's strengths, weaknesses,

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dreams, ambitions, and goals — so that he totally understands and believes in what your child is offering to the colleges in which he/she is applying, so that he can guarantee that the colleges understand this as well.

This is why, at Lyon Prep, …Read More »

The College You Deserve

Complete College Admissions Program 

Why enroll your child in a college admissions guidance program?  Isn't it enough to make sure that your child takes academic courses and maintains a good GPA? Actually, making good choices regarding course schedules and maintaining a good GPA aren't easy as they sound, even for able-minded, academically oriented students, and a good admissions counselor can help your child along

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the way. It is also essential to understand that, although GPA and course load are extremely important aspects …Read More »