Academic Tutoring/ Special Projects

Achieving Something Great,

Most parents realize that the single most important factor in a student’s application is his or her high school transcripts.  What they sometimes don’t realize, however, is that the most prestigious colleges don’t judge these transcripts exclusively based on class difficulty and overall weighted GPA.  Students applying to top colleges must make sure that they are challenged in high school, but it is a mistake to take that challenge to such an extreme that they are sacrificing all of their interests in favor of the most ‘academic’ offerings. Of course, colleges want to see that a candidate is competent in all major academic areas — and that the student has used his time productively outside of school — but they certainly don't want to see this at the expense of a child's individuality. 

Academic Advising

Lyon Prep can talk with the student about his or her passions, and we can help build a schedule that the student is excited about and that will demonstrate to colleges his or her potential for success.  Then, Lyon Prep can set up weekly meetings with the student discuss his progress through the course, talking about academic issues or opportunities as they arise, 

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making sure that everything is going according to our plans and preventing any unexpected surprises when grades come out.

Special Projects

Being successful in college is different from being successful in high school, and being successful in 'the real world' is very different from getting a good college GPA.  Of course colleges want students who will do well in their classes, but, beyond that, they want self-motivated students who can set their goals independently, and who are likely to accomplish great things in college and after they’ve finished with their education.  These days, applications committees

are inundated by candidates who played an instrument and a sport, who did community service and was on the student council, who took every AP class they could get their hands on, from Calculus BC to AP Biology to AP literature. What is the difference between all these candidates?  We don’t want to gamble that the application committee will select your child because he had a slightly harder course load than the other candidate, or that he got a slightly higher SAT score or had a slightly higher GPA.  We want to show them that your child cares deeply about something, has a particular talent for it, and is willing to pursue it with all her heart. 

This is why it is important for applicants to have certain kinds of VERIFIABLE accomplishments that they can put on their applications, and that they address in their cover letters.  Accomplishments that demonstrate to the admissions committees that they have developed their own ambitions, and that they have done what was necessary to follow through.  Lyon Prep can help your child set goals for a unique accomplishment and then to achieve those goals.  If your child is already involved in something, Lyon Prep will help him or her better communicate the value of that accomplishment to the applications committee. 

A student’s project could relate to anything that he is passionate about.  He doesn’t have to have one in mind when you contact us, and we can help him discover what would be most appropriate for him. With four instructors who are each specialists in different fields, we can provide expert guidance to the student that matches his specific interest. 

Example projects:

Short story

Literary essay

Paper based on independent research


Blog or Webpage

Online business

Publication of project 

After a student has

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accomplished something great, the next step is to make his accomplishment available to the public.  The ability to showcase their accomplishments will be very important to students in the college admissions process and in life in general.