Essays That Speak

The Lyon Philosophy

All of the instructors at Lyon Prep have extensive experience teaching writing courses to first year college students, and, because of this, they have all seen hundreds of student essays that say absolutely nothing –essays that were written not because the students had something to say about the subject, but merely to prove to the instructor that they knew how an essay should be written.  It has become clear that many students have missed something vital in their high school experience: that, although high schools are doing a great job in many areas, high schools …Read More »

E-mail Essay Clinic

For the E-mail Essay Clinic, the student e-mails Lyon Prep the rough draft of his essay (including a copy of the essay assignment) and Lyon Prep provides detailed feedback on how the essay can be improved.   This is a great way for you to ensure that your child is creating rough drafts of his or her essays significantly before the deadline, and that he learns how to make substitutive revisions to those drafts before he turns the essays in.  This is a great option for self-motivated students who just need a little push in the right direction.  …Read More »

Academic Essay Tutoring

For Academic Essay Tutoring, we have preplanned 1-on-1 weekly sessions with the student, during which we discuss the essay assignments that the students are being assigned in the class and we discuss all aspects of the essay’s creation.  This is a great option

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for students who want to do better in any of their academic classes that include an essay component. We don’t generate more homework for the student, but instead we work within the student’s high school curriculum.

We utilize what …Read More »

Total Essay Development

Whereas the E-mail Essay Clinic works well for smaller, short-term assignments, major assignments often require a lot of work before the student ever creates a draft. Often times, the pre-draft stages of these assignments are the time when students would most benefit from guidance — the time when they have the most important questions, about how to choose a topic, how to conduct research into the topic, and how to construct a thesis that will be meaningful to them. With the Total Essay Development program, Lyon Prep takes on a more active role than with the E-mail Essay …Read More »

Application Essays

Too often, when writing the personal essay, students view it only as a sample of their writing.  Of course the colleges will want to see how well an applicant can express himself, but a good personal essay will demonstrate far more than that.  No matter how casual or non-academic the topic might first appear—even if it’s about their favorite vacation or their favorite book – this is your child’s best opportunity to connect personally with the members of the admissions committee, to prove to them why they need him at their school.   In just a couple pages, the …Read More »

Special Projects

Being successful in college is different from being successful in high school, and being successful in 'the real world' is very different from getting a good college GPA.  Of course colleges want students who will do well in their classes, but, beyond that, they want self-motivated students who can set their goals independently, and who are likely to accomplish great things in college and after they’ve finished with their education.

This is why it is important for applicants to have certain kinds of VERIFIABLE accomplishments that they can put on their applications, and that they address in …Read More »

Help publishing accomplishments

At Lyon Prep, we understand the value of verifiable accomplishments, and one of

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the best ways to verify that you have achieved something is to find a way to publish your results. Most students are intimidated by this process, however, and so they end up not publishing at all or the end up publishing in a place that doesn’t provide them with the recognition they deserve.

When a student completes a

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Blog and Website

The feeling of developing a successful blog or website is similar to

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the feeling of publishing, but one big difference is that a student can continue to improve and expand his blog or website, providing a continuing learning experience. The goal is for them to produce something that they can be proud of, which others can look at and see how well the student has managed to express himself and how insightfully he was able to analyze all of his experiences.

Students …Read More »