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Daily schedule

One major goal of this program is to teach students to work independently, since that is a skill they will need when they enter University, and so much of the students' time will be spent around the house working on their own. Students are expected to work from 8am – 3pm on week days, excluding meal times.

During that time, there will be an informal group meeting with the instructor over breakfast and a more formal 1-on-1 session with the instructor.  During these meetings, the instructor and student will always come to an agreement as to a very specific goal for what will be accomplished for that day, and there will always be someone in the house to encourage students to stay on task.

Programs are very individualized, and will be different for each student. Daily progress reports will also be sent home to parents detailing each student's progress.  At 3pm every day, each student will write up an e-mail detailing what he has achieved, sending it both to his parents and his instructor.  If he has worked diligently and achieved his goals, he is allowed to spend the remainder of the afternoon and evening going out and exploring Vietnam.   Our staff can help the students set up trips and, when interested, get involved in volunteer projects.

Download Schedule and Cost: Spring course guide