Total Essay Development

Whereas the E-mail Essay Clinic works well for smaller, short-term assignments, major assignments often require a lot of work before the student ever creates a draft. Often times, the pre-draft stages of these assignments are the time when students would most benefit from guidance — the time when they have the most important questions, about how to choose a topic, how to conduct research into the topic, and how to construct a thesis that will be meaningful to them. With the Total Essay Development program, Lyon Prep takes on a more active role than with the E-mail Essay Clinic, maintaining a consistent dialogue with the student, tracking his assignments, helping him progress through every stage of the essay from conception to the polished, final draft.  Below are some benefits of the Total Essay Development program.

*Child is automatically signed up for e-mail essay clinic

*Teacher keeps the student’s course syllabi on file, if available, to help track how the student is doing in the course. 

*Child gets ½ hour weekly meetings via Skype in which we discuss his upcoming assignments what he is doing in his classes.

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*We have an ongoing dialogue via e-mail about the student’s plans for his/her essay assignments.  

*Parents receive weekly progress reports.

 *Interpreting instructor feedback (free, via e-mail):  I am always interested in seeing the feedback a student receives from his/her teacher on an essay that I have helped with.  Although I never tell an essay what grade I think he/she should receive — will never try to second guess his instructor — there is often a lot of benefit in looking at someone's response to the essay, based on the issues we have already discussed.

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