The Personal Essay: More than Just a Writing Sample 

Too often, when writing the personal essay, students view it only as a sample of their writing.  Of course the colleges will want to see how well an applicant can express himself, but a good personal essay will demonstrate far more than that.  No matter how casual or non-academic the topic might first appear—even if it’s about their favorite vacation

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or their favorite book – this is your child’s best opportunity to connect personally with the members of the admissions committee, to prove to them why they need him at their school.

In just a couple pages, the applicant must show the admissions committee what his passions are, and has to convince the committee that he possesses the drive and

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abilities necessary to follow his passions and achieve his goals.  Lyon Prep will help your child through all stages of the application essays, from conception to the completion of the polished final draft.

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