Special Projects

Being successful in college is different from being successful in high school, and being successful in 'the real world' is very different from

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getting a good college GPA.  Of course colleges want students who will do well in their classes, but, beyond that, they want self-motivated students who can set their goals independently, and who are likely to accomplish great things in college and after they’ve finished with their education.

This is why it is important for applicants to have certain kinds of VERIFIABLE accomplishments that they can put on their applications, and that they address in their cover letters.  Accomplishments that demonstrate to the admissions committees that they have developed their own ambitions, and that they have done what was necessary to follow through.

Lyon Prep can help your child set goals for a unique accomplishment and then to achieve those goals.  If your child is already involved in something, Lyon Prep will help him or her better communicate the value of that

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accomplishment to the applications committee.