SAT Prep

SAT scores are very important to colleges for two reasons. First, they are good indicators of the likelihood of success in college, and (completely contradicting the conventional wisdom on the subject) the more students have begun prepping for the SAT's the better indicators the SAT's have become.

Why?  Possibly because students who take the initiative to study

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for the tests (or who come from families who are willing to invest in an SAT course) tend to be the students who take their education the most seriously.  The other reason that colleges love high SAT scores is because it helps their own statistics.  College guides publish average SAT scores, and SAT scores go into a colleges selectiveness ranking, and the more selective a college is the more attractive it is to high performing students.

Colleges might accept applicants with lower SAT scores, if that applicant makes up for it in other areas, but they know that they are sacrificing their stats in order to do so.  It's much better if you can be appealing to them in all areas.  Lyon Prep has been extremely successful in raising SAT scores, with the score increase averaging well over 300 points.

You can learn more about our SAT program here.