SAT Programs

1-on-1 tutoring sessions 

Mark Lyon

Students who are enrolled in a full college admissions program to individualized programs recommended by Lyon Prep.  Students who are not enrolled in the program can register for the following options.

SAT Standard 1-on-1 Program

The Standard Program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of all question types found on the SAT.  Targeted lessons address all student content weaknesses as well as testing issues such as timing and test anxiety.  Ideal for students who need to see significant

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score increases or who struggle with standardized tests.

  • 20 hours of instruction
  • 10 full length practice tests
  • Suggested preparation period is 2 months

SAT Master 1-on-1 Program

Our Master Program is for students who want to achieve their greatest possible score increase.  Students become masters of the SAT, learning content and timing

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strategies for every single question they will see on the exam.

  • 40 hours of instruction
  • 20 full length practice tests
  • Suggested preparation period is 4 months

SAT Short 1-on-1 Program

This program is ideal for students who have already spent a lot of SAT, who already have scores that they are happy with, but just need that little extra push to ensure that they do the best they can. We recommend this program especially for students who have already taken the group course but who could benefit from further, individual attention to help them further hone their skills.

  • 10 hours of instruction
  • 5 full length practice tests
  • Suggested preparation period is 1 month

So, will online tutoring work for you and your students? Luckily, with our two-hour free trial lesson, it is easy for them to find out.  (link to free trial page)

64-Hour SAT Comprehensive Group Course

The 64 hour Comprehensive Group course is the most economical option for studying with Lyon Prep Academy, and it has proven to be highly effective at raising student’s scores.  Although parents might balk at enrolling already busy high school students in a 64-hour course, it is important to realize that, unlike tutoring options, the course is designed to require zero time commitment outside of class.  Although some academies offer shorter courses– 18 or 24 hour courses, for example, requiring only 3 or 4 in-class hours every week — they usually spend most of the in-class time lecturing about the course material. Unfortunately, lecturing without practice time is unlikely to significantly raise your child's score. Accordingly, these learning centers promise a score increase only 'IF' your child "completes all homework and practices diligently on her own." In other words, these courses don't actually require any less time commitment than our course does, and all they are really doing it divesting themselves of the responsibility for the time your child spends preparing for the test. By incorporating the practice time into the course itself homework — rather than adding the stressful requirement that your child find time to study on her own — Lyon Prep is effectively removing the 'if' from the equation. We guide the students through the questions — giving them help precisely when they need it — rather than forcing them to spend their home time working on their own.

  • 64 hours of instruction
  • 10 full length practice tests
  • 1-2 months

Click here to see photos, description, and results of a typical class.

SAT study is also offered as part of our homestay program in Hanoi, Vietnam.