Mark Lyon

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SAT tutoring and courses are offered by Mark Lyon, the founder of Lyon Prep Academy.  He has many years of experience with the SAT, and students under his tutelage have achieved phenomenal results. Although it is easy for many test prep companies to raise the scores of students who are new to the test– students whose scores would rise naturally, just from familiarization with the test questions — Lyon Prep has taken on the far more challenging task of raising the scores of students who are already great scorers, many of whom have already gone through other programs or have studied independently — students who often feel that their scores have already plateaued.  As a near-perfect scorer himself, Mark has raised these students' scores by an average of well over 300 points, transforming them from simply being 'great' test-takers into test-takers whose scores stand out even in the Ivy League. With very rare exceptions, students who have gone through the Lyon Prep program have consistently achieved final scores well into the 90th percentile, with roughly half of them achieving scores within the 99th. Amazingly, Lyon Prep students, on average, score significantly better on the SAT's than do even the instructors in some of the most popular SAT prep programs.

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 *Small Class Size:  All classes are either 1-on-1 or capped at 6 students

*Free 2-hour Trial Session:   Before any student registers for a test prep class or a 1-on-1 tutoring package, he or she takes a practice test and goes through a free two-hour trial session. Unlike other test prep companies, which use these sessions primarily as a sales pitch for the package they are offering, we at Lyon Prep believe that a lot can be accomplished in two hours. With this in mind, we do our best to ensure that this session is valuable to your child whether or not he or she decides to sign up for additional tutoring.   We understand that parents want to make decisions based on what a tutor has accomplished rather than what the tutor promises that he will do.

 *Clear Objectives with Guaranteed Results:  Test prep students are provided with a target score before they register for class. In the rare case that a student doesn't meet or exceed his target score, he gets up to 50% more tutoring until he does.

 *Frequent Practice Tests:  Students who register for 20 hours of SAT tutoring (or a 64 hour class) will take 10 SAT exams, discussing and learning strategies for solving every problem that they missed.    Lyon Prep used only real SAT exams published the College Board, and we use only these exams to measure improvement of our students.  We believe that there is no valid justification for a company manufacturing its own exams (since there are more than twenty real ones available) and that you should away from any company that does. We also strongly encourage you to read this Wall Street Journal article that warns about the dishonesty and ineffectuality  of companies that manufacture their own exams –  companies that include Kaplan and The Princeton review — who can make it look like their students are making tremendous gains when, in fact, their students show an average real gain of only 30 points.   If this discrepancy is a big concern of yours — which it should be — you might want to check out our new Pay per Point Program, which allows you to pay for our services based solely on the number of points your child improves on his or her official SAT exam.

*Weekly Progress Reports:    Parents are always aware of how their children are progressing, both in terms of their score increases and their engagement in the class.

*Teacher Handles All Aspects of the Program:  Whereas many academies have parents talking to administrators — never meeting with their child's actual instructor– at Lyon Prep the teacher is the only one person that you deal with. Eliminating the bureaucracy not only allows us to keep the costs down, have smaller classes, and provide the students and parents with more individual attention, but, most importantly, it allows the teacher to teach from his own curriculum — a curriculum that  he understands thoroughly, since he designed it, and that only contains material that  works for him and that he 100% believe in.

*We employ socially responsible business practice:  A percentage of what you spend at Lyon Prep goes back to help both our community and the world that we live in.  In October, for example, Lyon Prep donated $3300 worth of services to the Addison Auction to help out the PAUSD school system, and, through Lyon Prep Worldwide, we offer heavily discounted tutoring and admissions counseling to students in under-represented countries, such as Myanmar, helping prepare them to enter America's top tier universities.