E-mail Essay Clinic

For the E-mail Essay Clinic, the student e-mails Lyon Prep the rough draft of his essay (including a copy of the essay assignment) and Lyon Prep provides detailed feedback on how the essay can be improved.   This is a great way for you to ensure that your child is creating rough drafts of his or her essays significantly before the deadline, and that he learns how to make substitutive revisions to those drafts before he turns the essays in.  This is a great option for self-motivated students who just need a little push in the right direction.  Here are some benefits of using the E-mail Essay Clinic.

*No appointment necessary: Students can e-mail an essay draft any time and only pay for what they use.

*Essays are responded to within 24 hours.

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*Parents get e-mailed whenever e-mail essay clinic is used: This allows parents to ensure that their children are writing essay drafts significantly before the essays due dates, and to ensure that their children are getting valuable advice to help the construct their final essays.

*The focus is on teaching students to write better essays, rather than on line-by-line essay edits: students get far more out of this than they would from an essay editing service.    I take far longer with the essays than an editor would, and, although I included copious line-by-line comments in the margins, I don't make any alterations to the text itself.  Instead, I deal with the essay on multiple levels, showing the student how he can make corrections for himself.

To register for this course, you prepay for a certain number of essay hours, and, for each assignment, I let you know how many have been used.  Usually, I charge roughly fifteen minutes per page (with an hour minimum) although I could charge substantially more for a presentation piece (such as a college admissions essay ) or if the essay is on a specialized topic that I need to research.