Demonstrating More than Well-Roundedness

Of course, colleges want to see that a candidate is competent in all major academic areas — and that the student has used his time productively outside of school — but they certainly don't want to see this at the expense of a child's individuality.

These days, applications committees are inundated by candidates who played an instrument and a sport, who did community service and was on the student council, who took every AP class they could get their hands on, from Calculus BC to AP Biology to AP literature. What is the difference between all these candidates?

We don’t want to gamble that the application committee will select your child because he had a slightly harder course load than the other candidate, or that he got a slightly higher SAT score or had a slightly higher GPA.

We want to show them that your child cares deeply

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about something, has a particular talent for it, and is willing to pursue it with all her heart.