Comprehensive Admissions Strategy 

In order for College Admissions counseling to work, the counselor must view it as an intensely personal endeavor. He must get to know your child from every angle — be able to fully understand your child's strengths, weaknesses,

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dreams, ambitions, and goals — so that he totally understands and believes in what your child is offering to the colleges in which he/she is applying, so that he can guarantee that the colleges understand this as well.

This is why, at Lyon Prep, we pride ourselves on being involved in all aspects of the child's academic development.  Whereas other companies have one person doing the counseling, and another doing the SAT tutoring, and yet another working with the child on their personalized essay, people who enroll in the Complete College Admissions program will get over one-hundred hours of effort from me, one person, helping your child in all of these things.  Although your child’s 13 years of schooling have led to many great experiences, one of the most important goals has been preparing him or her for college.  At Lyon Prep, we will address all aspects of the admissions process, from research into your colleges of choice, to the writing of a complex, insightful personal essay, to acing the SAT exam.

We offer a Complete College Admissions package that, in most cases, includes everything that your child needs.  This program also includes the special project component that strives to make sure that the student accomplishes some verifiable achievement in his/her area of interest. Students either start in their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year,

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and the idea is for the counselor to be a consistent presence in the child's and the parent's lives, with a regular meeting time scheduled every week.