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Complete College Admissions Program 

Why enroll your child in a college admissions guidance program?  Isn't it enough to make sure that your child takes academic courses and maintains a good GPA? Actually, making good choices regarding course schedules and maintaining a good GPA aren't easy as they sound, even for able-minded, academically oriented students, and a good admissions counselor can help your child along

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the way. It is also essential to understand that, although GPA and course load are extremely important aspects of your child's application, they should not eclipse the many other important aspects.  Too often, students will dedicate thousands of hours on their high school courses but then fail to distinguish themselves from the many other candidates by only spending a few hours writing application essays, considering their achievements, and studying for their SAT's.  In the daily grind of high school, it is very easy for the child (and the parent) to lose sight of all the different things they need to do to be totally prepared for the application process and for college itself.  A good college admissions program (and ours in particular) will guide you through this, every step of the way.

Rather than us making a 'brand' of your child for us to 'market' to colleges — terms that many admissions counselors use to advertise their services — we want to help our clients see their own value, as individuals, and to develop the confidence to show the colleges their true potential. We strive to make your children more passionate about their goals, more proud of their successes, and better at communicating to others the value that they have found within themselves.