Great location and Accommodation

The homestay is located here, next to West Lake, in one of the most sought-after locations in Hanoi, about a 2 minute walk from both the Sheridan hotel and the Intercontinental Hotel.   It is a very multinational location where you will meet plenty of people from Vietnam, France, England, Australia, Korea, Japan, The United States, and many other countries. The house has five bedrooms, on four different floors, including a large living room and kitchen area. Although the rooms vary in size, each one has its own connected bathroom and its own desk for students to work on. If the house becomes full, or if the students prefer it for any reason, students can also be housed at the Sheridan or the Intercontinental Hotel (two of the best hotels in Hanoi) at an additional charge.

Perfect atmosphere for both for interaction and private study 

Because the house has five bedrooms on four separate floors, our homestay offers a great combination of quiet work space and communal space where the students can interact with other students from around the world.  The Kitchen and living room are on the first floor, set up so groups of students can comfortably interact with each other and the family.  The family (Mark, Josephine, and their two children) live on

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the second floor.  The third and fourth floors are reserved for the students and the Vietnamese staff member.  In the case that the house becomes full, the Vietnamese staff member (a woman named Nguyen) has alternate nearby accommodation.  Each room has its own private bathroom. Each room is also equipped with a desk and two chairs where students can study and the private 1-on-1 sessions are held.  Some rooms are bigger than others, but, rather than pricing them separately, we have a first-booked first served policy.