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10 06, 2014

Who we are

Welcome! I'm Mark Lyon, the owner and director and teacher at Lyon Prep Academy.  For several years we operated as an SAT prep and college admissions counselling program in Palo Alto, California, about a mile from Stanford University, allowing us to interact with some of the brightest students in the country,  …Read More »

10 06, 2014

What we offer

Great location and Accommodation

The homestay is located here, next to West Lake, in one of the most sought-after locations in Hanoi, about a 2 minute walk from both the Sheridan hotel and the Intercontinental Hotel.   It is a very multinational location where you will meet plenty of people from Vietnam, France, …Read More »

10 06, 2014

SAT Preparation

Although it is easy for many test prep companies to raise the scores of students who are new to the test– students whose scores would rise naturally, just from familiarization with the test questions — Lyon Prep has taken on the far more challenging task of raising the scores of students …Read More »

Testimonials »

“Working with Mark made this college journey so much less stressful and even sometimes fun. Every single time when we brainstormed for the essays and short answers, I was never afraid to share my ideas, no matter how silly they were. Somehow, Mark could always shape and reshape what I want to say but always made my ideas true to myself.”
Fiona Pham, Johns Hopkins class of 2020, Student


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Partnerships »

“Students in Vietnam (or whose family resides in Vietnam) should contact me through my partner company I-ivy at”
I-Ivy, Partner Company



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